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RU-21 Bundle of 10 Packets (40 tablets)
RU-21 Bundle of 10 Packets (40 tablets)RU-21 Bundle of 10 Packets (40 tablets)

"Great product! Works as promised. Been an avid user for years now." 

Eric Skov

Enjoy life. 

Wake up clear!

- Helps the body get rid of toxins*

- Supports energy in cells* 

- Helps replenish critical nutrients*

Keep your skin clear.

RU-21 helps our cells neutralize toxins that may cause red flashes and skin aging over time* (See FAQ for more information).


RU-21 doubles as a daily supplement to help detoxify, and build stronger, more resilient cells.* 

Contains 100% of daily value of Vitamin C to support your immune system.*

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C Toner

RU-21 Bundle of 10 Packets (40 tablets)

Linda Dyer
Better than other brands….

No aftertaste, no burping. Easier swallow than a capsule. Too bad they re impossible to find now.

Dave DesCombes

Wanted bottles but you were sold out but did like the discount


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RU-21 gives the body what it needs to naturally process alcohol. 

Dr. Kenneth Krul, Phd. Clinical Biochemist

Succinic Acid

Helps energize and detoxify cells. Helps cells maintain normal function during hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and attacks by ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).*

Vitamin B2

Supports normal function under stress. Helps our cells create crucial amino acids and energy to help them deal with toxins and stay healthy and strong.*

Vitamin B6

Supports brain function and promotes healthy levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are crucial for our nervous system. It also helps deliver oxygen to tissues via red blood cells.*

Vitamin C

Provides antioxidant, liver function, and immunity support.* 

L-Glutamic Acid

Helps the cells get rid of toxins. Supports robust cell function. Promotes function of the brain responsible for coordination.*

Fumaric Acid

Helps cells maintain balanced function.*


Great antioxidant that's been found to promote overall health and support the body's immune system.*

Alpha Lipoic Acid

A powerful and versatile antioxidant helps neutralize toxins in fatty and watery regions of cells. It also promote synergy between antioxidants to create a sum that greater than it parts.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Will RU-21 make me feel less drunk?


Can I drink and drive after taking RU-21?

Absolutely not!

Why I get red flushes from alcohol?

Getting red in the face after a drink means your body isn't very efficient at processing acetaldehyde (alcohol toxin). Typically, it's due to lack of an enzyme called ALDH-2. This often affects women and people of Asian descent. 

What is the difference between RU-21 Supplement and RU-21 Hangover Relief?

RU-21 supplement is dietary supplement. RU-21 Hangover Relief is a pharmaceutical drug.


RU-21 Carton (120 tablets)
RU-21 Pack (20 tablets)

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