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RU-21 hangover pills work according to GQ Magazine, UK RU 21 is a clinically tested supplement which prevents and cure hangovers
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"RU-21 is becoming a staple among A-list partygoers on both coasts."
Washington Post

"Success. I woke up to a group of clearheaded people. There was no groaning, no puking, and no handing out aspirin."
Men's Health, US

"Developed by the KGB, RU-21's secret agents got to work. When we awoke, we knew nothing of a hangover."
Men's Health, UK

“Test of the supplement last week by The Post suggests it works, with four volunteers who agreed to take RU-21 giving it a rousing thumbs up!”
NY Post

Born in Russia. Made in USA.

Originally developed in Russia and produced at a state-of-the-art GMP facility in California, RU-21 is a clinically tested hangover pill favored by alcohol consumers worldwide. Some people get hangovers from just a couple of drinks. For others, it takes a bit more. But everyone can benefit from RU-21’s legendary effectiveness.


The World Market Leader

From Los Angeles to London, from Seoul to Melbourne, from Moscow to Solomon Islands, from Kenya to Beijing, RU-21 is a hangover pill which makes the world a better, hangover-free, place for partygoers!

RU 21 Hangover Pills
Prevent and cure hangovers with RU 21


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