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Hangover Headache Relief

Practically everyone has been there – you go out with some friends and end up having too much to drink. The next day, you suffer the consequences of your over-indulgence with a hangover, complete with a pounding headache. The headache comes about as a result of something that may surprise you. It is triggered by acute alcohol withdrawal coupled with dehydration that leads to dilated blood vessels in the brain and blood glucose that is lower than normal. When you experience a hangover, there are fortunately measures you can take toward treating the headache.

#1st Rule: Drink in Moderation

Of course, the best relief for hangover headache is obviously drink in moderation. This means to take smaller sips and pause between sips. Another smart tip that can help you to avoid getting drunk and dealing with a hangover is to drink only on a full stomach or eat while drinking. Drinking water while you consume your alcohol can also help.

Generally, women are far more susceptible to get drunk faster than men. With that being said, if you are a woman who is going out and plans on drinking, you can prevent a hangover by limiting yourself to a single drink.

#2nd Rule: Rehydrate Yourself

Rehydrate yourself often after drinking to avoid developing a hangover and the headache that frequently accompanies it. Drink at least a pint of water, seltzer, sports drink or soup broth before you go to bed. This will help to absorb the alcohol in your system and lessen your chances of waking up with a hangover. Similarly, you can drink tomato juice or eat honey to increase your blood glucose to normal levels. The fructose found in these foods will combat the metabolism of the alcohol, which can certainly help in preventing a headache.

Natural Home Remedy Drink For Headaches

There is also an excellent treatment for hangover headaches that is suggested by the National Headache Foundation. Mix one to one and one-third cups of apple juice, one teaspoon of lemon juice and 12 ounces of club soda together. Stir the contents lightly and drink in a full glass. You can add ice as well, which is a great way to additionally absorb the alcohol you have consumed.


Painkillers are the fastes way to get relief from headaches. Ibuprofen is one option you have, but is important not to take painkillers on empty stomach! You could replace painkillers with hangover vitamins for headache relief, but it will take a longer time to kick in and cure your hangover symptoms.

RU-21 >>About Hangovers >> Hangover Symptoms >> Hangover Headache Relief

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