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Is Coffee The Real Cure For Hangovers?

For decades, coffee has been touted as a hangover cure. Medical experts have debated the subject frequently, and they often give conflicting analyses. The answer depends on what question is truly being asked.

Coffee for hangovers: pros & cons

Hangovers are caused by multiple factors. Alcohol causes dehydration, and much of the pain associated with hangovers results from the body not having enough water to function properly. As a tool to combat dehydration, coffee can provide some relief. Coffee is comprised primarily of water, which will clearly help reduce the severity of symptoms. Coffee does, however, contain caffeine, which can cause a bit of dehydration.

Hangover Headaches & Coffee

On the other hand, caffeine can help reduce the severity of hangover headaches. Some of the debate about coffee as a hangover cure results from a lack of evidence about whether caffeine helps with the type of headache that hangovers cause, but some people swear by coffee as a surefire technique for eliminating headaches of all kinds. On the whole, drinking any liquid will help reduce the severity of a hangover and coffee likely has some additional advantages.

Another cause of hangovers is various toxins that are present in alcoholic beverages. For these toxins, coffee again presents mixed results. The absorptive and diuretic properties of coffee, many argue, can help flush these toxins out of the body quickly and effectively. Others dispute this notion and argue that coffee has no effect on the levels of these toxins. Studies are inconclusive, but many coffee fans believe that their morning drink of choice is helpful at returned them to full function more quickly than other beverages.

Hangover Nausea & Coffee

Yet another problem that occurs because of hangovers is nausea. Here, coffee shines for many hangover sufferers. Hunger combined with dehydration provides an environment where nausea can thrive, and many find the combination of coffee's liquid form with its filling effects relieves these symptoms tremendously. Further, coffee allows those with hangovers to calm their stomachs and move on to foods that definitely help end hangovers. People who rarely drink coffee may find it to exacerbate stomach-related symptoms, but regular drinkers will likely benefit.

Malaise is common with a hangover, and many hangover sufferers have trouble even getting out of bed. Here, caffeine certainly provides some level of relief. Caffeine provides a temporary boost of energy that may be enough to get up and moving. This additional energy may make it possible to eat and drink, which help to end hangover symptoms. For those who drink coffee on a daily basis, caffeine is necessary to fully wake up and get moving.


The answer to our question, is coffee a real cure for hangovers or not, is difficult to fully decide because of the nature of hangovers. The symptoms of a hangover, such as upset stomach, headache and malaise, are primarily subjective experiences. While they are very real, they are not measurable in a truly scientific manner. Dehydration can be measured, but its subjective effects vary from person to person. Ultimately, the only you can accurately answer the question "Is coffee a real hangover cure?". If coffee works for you, it is a viable option. If it does not, the sufferer should perhaps go a different route.

IMPORTANT: When being hangover and having coffee, make sure you also have a glass of water next to it! This will combat the caffeine dehydration effects. Additionally you could try having some natural hangover pills, made out of vitamins, amino-acids & anti-oxidants next to coffee, to replace the lost nutrients while drinking alcohol.

RU-21 >>About Hangovers >> Hangover Cures Remedies >> Coffee As Hangover Cure

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