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Hangover Anxiety Relief

The alcohol hangover is one of life's most perplexing problems. After a night of fun, the morning of misery comes. You wake up with headaches, nausea, & vomiting. It's a quick change of mood that brings with it terrible anxiety and an intense feeling of just wanting those symptoms to disappear quickly. While no every remedy works for everyone, there are many people that have found anxiety relief in the following natural hangover remedies.

1. Soak in the tub

For general body aches associated with overexertion during a day or night of drinking, a nice, warm tub of water has provided relief for ages. Run a tub full of water, add some bubbles for extra comfort, and you'll find hangover anxiety melt away for a bit of the time during your recovery. This works for the mental stress that comes after drinking and for all general aches and pains. It's a remedy that many people use in everyday life, for all types of stress, but comes in especially handy during a hangover.

2. Distraction combats hangover anxiety

Hangover anxiety can feel overwhelming and consume all of your thoughts during a severe hangover. Many will find relief in simple distraction. Watch a movie. Listen to an album. Call a friend and become engrossed in what's going on in their life. It's a simple trick that millions of people use to work through the tough anxiety of a hangover. Anything that distracts you will do, especially hands on activities that engage your mind and take it away from the stress of the hangover. Many have found video games to help tremendously for hangover anxiety.

3. Exercise helps speed anxiety healing

If anxiety is your primary hangover symptom, then it's possible that a long walk, bicycle ride, or even run will help you speed away from the anxiety that often follows a hangover. If this trick works for you, then it's even advisable to find a workout routine to enjoy after a bout with drinking. As the body heals, so will the mind. A long walk outdoors gives your body the exercise it needs, but it also allows your eyes, ears, and other senses to take in natural sights and sounds that promote peace and healing.

You could also try natural OTC hangover pills, they are packed with vitaminc, minerals, glucose & amino-acids that will help your body fight hangover anxiety as well as other hangover symptoms

Hangovers are the natural reaction of the body that has consumed too much alcohol, and it will happen each time you drink too much. That's the bad news. The good news is that with these few simple hangover relief methods, you can fight away the anxiety that comes with sobering up and help to heal your body and mind more quickly than ever before.

These hangover remedies are all-natural, so you're not introducing one substance into your body to overcome the impact of another one, which can often complicate the problem and keep your body and mind from learning how to heal naturally. If you want to sober up the natural way, and get rid of anxiety at the same time, then follow these simple methods and enjoy the relief that comes naturally throughout the day.

Do these things as many times as you need to. During a hangover, you're basically sick, and your body and mind need time to recover. Give them the attention and time they need and you'll work through this just fine.

RU-21 >>About Hangovers >> Hangover Cures Remedies >> Cure Hangover Anxiety

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